Saturday 6 March 2010

The One with the Big Damn Contest

Alexandra Bracken is the debut author of Brightly Woven, which is released on 23rd March. I'd really love to read this book but unfortunately for me (but good for Alexandra) her book is out of stock at the moment on all UK book ordering websites! However, all is not lost as you can win a copy (as well as some other amazing prizes) over at her Livejournal blog: Just click here to visit her and enter. Not sure if this one is international but I'm entering anyway and it closes on 16th March. Good luck to everyone!

Goodreads description of Brightly Woven:

"Sydelle Mirabil is living proof that, with a single drop of rain, a life can be changed forever. Tucked away in the farthest reaches of the kingdom, her dusty village has suffered under the weight of a strangely persistent drought. That is, of course, until a wizard wanders into town and brings the rain with him.

In return for this gift, Wayland North is offered any reward he desires—and no one is more surprised than Sydelle when, without any explanation, he chooses her. Taken from her home, Sydelle hardly needs encouragement to find reasons to dislike North. He drinks too much and bathes too little, and if that isn’t enough to drive her to madness, North rarely even uses the magic he takes such pride in possessing. Yet, it’s not long before she realizes there’s something strange about the wizard, who is as fiercely protective of her as he is secretive about a curse that turns his limbs a sinister shade of black and leaves him breathless with agony. Unfortunately, there is never a chance for her to seek answers.

Along with the strangely powerful quakes and storms that trace their path across the kingdom, other wizards begin to take an inexplicable interest in her as well, resulting in a series of deadly duels. Against a backdrop of war and uncertainty, Sydelle is faced with the growing awareness that these events aren’t as random as she had believed—that no curse, not even that of Wayland North, is quite as terrible as the one she herself may carry".

I would put a preorder link up but Amazon and The Book Depository have sold out at present :(


  1. Sould out - which is why I couldn't order! I hate it when we're always left out. Either it's a lter publish date or it's sold out. Urgh.

    Sorry, I whined :(

  2. I know it's frustrating and being in the UK sometimes has disadvantages but I don't let that stop me! All the more reason for you to enter the contest! Anyway, it should come back in stock at some point.

  3. You should be yelling "PATIENCE!" at me! But no, you are kind :)

    Anyway, can I ask you something? You're part of the International Book Tours, right? I wanted to sign up and join a tour, but I'm not certain of the one week deadline they put. Isn't sending a book internationally normally takes one full week? If so then do you re-send the book the day you receive them? :/

  4. I see your point, I think they may have to be lenient on this especially if people are sending from the UK to the USA or Australia for example. I would recommend you contact them for more information.

  5. I sure will - thank you :)