Sunday 21 March 2010

Before I Fall Review

I have a confession to make. I read “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver a few weeks ago now but it’s taken me a while to write the review. Why? Because I was left dumbstruck when I finished reading the book and it took time for me to digest the story fully and become coherent again! This is one of those books that you’re still thinking about long after you’ve read it.

One of my first thoughts whilst reading was that I would describe this book as Final Destination meets Groundhog Day. If you read the book, you’ll understand what I mean. Imagine living the same day over and over, knowing that ultimately it will end in your death. What would you do? Could you save yourself? “Before I Fall” is Sam’s journey to discover the answer to these questions.

I had a little difficulty getting into the book at first and I think this is mainly because Sam (the main protagonist) is not a nice character – in the beginning. Throughout the book, her character grows and develops into someone that you do care about. She transforms from some shallow schoolgirl into the heroine of the story. The book is written over 7 days and I have to say that day 4 was my favourite. It was THIS day that Sam decided to do whatever she wanted, and I liked that ;) Think “a day without consequences” and let your imagination run wild!

I thought the supporting characters were all really well written and I loved the camaraderie between the four girls. There was great humour present throughout the book and you may recognise a few of the characters from your own high school friends.

Ultimately, this book makes you think twice about the person you were nasty to lately, said something horrible to or even just ignored. “Before I Fall” makes you want to hug the closest person next to you and just appreciate life. To sum up, I would describe “Before I Fall” as poignant, profoundly written and beautifully executed. A definite must read.


  1. I should be honest - I thought about this book, but I don't really want to deal with anything that has death in it. Pretty much scared me when you said "profoundly written" - does it make you cry?

  2. Don't be scared of death! It's only the beginning...mwhahaha...only kidding! When I said profound I meant that it had deep meaning. Poignant on the other hand pertains to the emotions. Yes it makes you FEEL but I didn't cry. Give it a go Dwayne, I dare you!! It would be nice to compare thoughts :)