Saturday 20 March 2010

Author Appreciation Week (day 6)

As I'm sure you all know by now (especially if you follow a lot of blogs) it's Author Appreciation Week! This idea was originally thought up by the very lovely and hilarious Heidi R. Kling, debut author of "Sea". The idea is to blog each day this week about an author you love and explain why you love them. I've been blogging all week and technically speaking, I think officially this "celebration" has ended but not for me. I wanted to include one last post and dedicate it to author's I've heard so much about but have not yet read their books, authors who are part of the TENNERS (publishing debut novels in 2010) and an author who is not yet published but trying to be.

Awesome authors (I have your books but haven't read them yet! I'm so sorry, I will I promise!)
Melissa Marr - Wicked Lovely Series
Cassandra Clare (City of Bones/Ashes/Glass)
Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Lisa Shroeder -I Heart You, You Haunt Me, Far From You, Chasing Brooklyn

Amy Brecount White - Forget-Her-Nots
Jennifer Murgia - Angel Star
Shannon Delany - 13 To Life
Jeri Smith-Ready - Shade (this is her YA debut)
Kimberly Derting - The Body Finder
Lindsey Leavitt - Princess for Hire
Angie Frazier - Everlasting
Kelly Creagh - Nevermore
Heidi R. Kling - Sea

Special Mention
Magan Vernon - this young lady has written a book but is currently in the revision stages. I've read her work and offered constructive criticism. Bless her, she has taken it all on board. I like the book and hope she gets an agent and a publisher.

I have to say that I appreciate all authors as it takes a lot of hard work, talent, determination and imagination to write a book and send it out into the world to entertain the masses! Yes, a bit of good luck is needed too but without everything else, it would never happen in the first place! THANK YOU to all authors out there - PLEASE keep doing what you do!

There are so many to add to both lists but I've just finished work and it's almost midnight so if I forget to include you, I'm sorry! Your name is there in spirit :)

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