Wednesday 30 April 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, originally started by Jill at Breaking the Spine , that highlights upcoming book releases everyone is waiting on...hence the title. This week's pick is Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini. Here's the synopsis:

Love burns. Worlds collide. Magic reigns.

This world is trying to kill Lily Proctor. Her life-threatening allergies keep her from enjoying many of the experiences that other teenagers take for granted...which is why she is determined to enjoy her first (and perhaps only) high-school party. But Lily's life never goes according to plan, and after a humiliating incident in front of half her graduating class Lily wishes she could just disappear.

Suddenly Lily is in a different Salem - one overrun with horrifying creatures and ruled by powerful women called Crucibles. Strongest and cruellest of all the Crucibles is Lillian . . . Lily's identical other self in this alternate universe. This new version of her world is terrifyingly sensual, and Lily is soon overwhelmed by new experiences.

Lily realizes that what makes her weak at home is exactly what makes her extraordinary in New Salem. It also puts her life in danger. Thrown into a world she doesn't understand, Lily is torn between responsibilities she can't hope to shoulder alone, and a love she never expected.

But how can Lily be the saviour of this world when she is literally her own worst enemy?

I'm so excited to find out that Josephine Angelini has a novel coming out soon that I don't even care what it's about, I just know that I have to read it!  Having read the synopsis however, I am DEFINITELY interested.  Salem? Crucibles? Sounds a little witchy to me and I love me some witchiness.  I'm also intrigued about being in an alternative universe and knowing Josephine, there has to be a little romance in this ;)  I can't wait to read it!
Trial By Fire is published on 2nd September, 2014.  To find out more about Josephine Angelini and her books, please click here to visit her website.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, originally started by Jill at Breaking the Spine , that highlights upcoming book releases everyone is waiting on...hence the title. This week's pick is We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Here's the synopsis:

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE

Honestly speaking, I would probably never pick this up because I'm not that interested in things that remind me of The OC and things like that BUT this book is getting such buzz from the US at the moment and everyone is saying that the writing is captivating, the plot is brilliant and the twistyness is inspired.  So yes, I'm more than a little curious and yes, now I DO want to read it.  I just hope it can live up to the hype!

We Were Liars is published on 13th May, 2014 and will be published in the UK by HotKey Books.  To find out more about E. Lockhart and her books, please click here to visit her website. 

Sunday 6 April 2014

Bloggers supporting authors (Please help Sarah Daltry)


I'm not a huge fan of Facebook but I like the funny GIFs, catching up with friends and family, and connecting with authors as well as finding out about book news. What I saw in my feed today saddens me beyond belief and it concerns a published author with several books to her name - SARAH DALTRY.  I will start by saying that I do not know her at all and I've never read or reviewed any of her books although I believe there are a couple of them in my TBR pile. Rather than copying and pasting, it's easier to link you to Sarah's final blog post which I urge you to read.  If you can, open it up in a new window so that you can come back here...

Closing Time
It's not clear to me but it sounds like this author is a victim of bullying which has probably contributed to some serious depression.  Because of this, she has given up on her dreams and is no longer going to write.  She has said that she will withdraw all her books in the next few days and there will be no more.  Ever.  My heart breaks for this woman and I desperately want to reach out to her but she is retracting from all forms of communication and deleting all her social media accounts.  The only way I can think of to support her is to buy her books and so that's what I've done.  I urge you to PLEASE show your support by doing the same.  PLEASE show Sarah that people really do "give a fuck" as she thinks that no one does.  PLEASE let her know that the blogging community really does care about authors because I know that we do.

Thank you
Sarah Daltry's Amazon page in the UK
  Sarah Daltry's Amazon page in the USA

Divergent Movie Review

In 2011, I was one of the first UK book bloggers to read and review an unknown novel entitled DIVERGENT by debut author Veronica Roth and back then, I knew it was something special.  The book was so compelling that I spent a whole day reading without showering, dressing or even brushing my teeth.  I realise that sounds somewhat gross but I could. Not. Put. It. Down.  Fast forward to the present day and the movie has just been released in the UK.   I went to see it on Saturday night (one day after the official UK release) and with all YA book to movie adaptations that have come out recently, I admit to having been slightly nervous.  Would the movie live up to my expectations?  Would it be true to the book?  Did they get the casting right?  Ultimately, would I be disappointed? The answer is this...


The casting was SPOT ON for all the characters, and Shailene Woodley and Theo James were surprisingly PERFECT as their respective characters, Tris and Four.  There was one particular scene where Shailene almost had me bawling.  I only held it back because I hate crying in public but it was hard!

Every single scene in the movie looked exactly like I saw them in my head when I read the book, and I might have squealed when I saw Veronica herself make a cameo in the movie (if you’re wondering where, I believe she was in the zip lining scene).   Just as an aside, I’m going on holiday later in the year and have the opportunity to do a bit of zip lining myself.  I’m terribly afraid of heights, we’re talking deer in the headlights kind of afraid, but I’m hoping to channel my inner Tris to conquer my fear.

DIVERGENT was pretty much perfection and there was nothing I would change particularly apart from the very last scene.  In the final scenes of the book, Four spoke one of my most favourite lines ever but sadly, it wasn’t used.  I can see why that wouldn’t work so well on screen but that’s the only criticism I have. 

DIVERGENT was outrageously good, I’m desperate to see it again and whilst I haven’t actually bought any of the other YA adaptations on blueray/DVD, I will DEFINITELY be buying this one.   In fact, I’m pre-ordering RIGHT NOW.

My advice to you is go and see this movie, even if you haven’t read the book because it’s highly entertaining and not just “another teen movie”.  DIVERGENT asks a lot of questions about choice, leadership qualities, what it means to be brave, and if it’s possible to create an idealistic society.  It doesn’t do the thinking for you, it makes YOU think.  DIVERGENT had an impressive opening weekend in the states, so much so that the sequel INSURGENT has already been given the green light to be made by Summit and quite frankly, I can’t bloody wait!

DIVERGENT was published in the UK on 23rd April, 2011. The movie was released in the UK on 4th April, 2014. To find out more about Veronica Roth and her books, please click here. If you’re interested in my book review of DIVERGENT, please click here and if you want to read about the time I met Veronica Roth (and Shailene Woodley walked into the room) then please click here.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, originally started by Jill at Breaking the Spine , that highlights upcoming book releases everyone is waiting on...hence the title. This week's pick is Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper. Here's the synopsis:

Sixteen-year-old Avery Roe wants only to take her rightful place as the witch of Prince Island, making the charms that keep the island’s whale men safe and prosperous at sea. But before she could learn how to control her power, her mother, the first Roe woman in centuries to turn her back on magic, stole Avery away from her grandmother. Avery must escape from her mother before her grandmother dies, taking with her the secrets of the Roes’ power.

When Avery awakens from a dream foretelling her own murder, she realizes time is running short—for her and for the people of her island, who, without the Roes, will lose their ships and the only life they know.

With the help of Tane, a tattooed harpoon boy from the Pacific Islands, Avery plots her escape from her mother and unravels the mysteries of her mother’s and grandmother’s pasts. Becoming a witch may prevent her murder and save her island from ruin, but Avery discovers it will also require a sacrifice she never expected—one she might not be able to make.

Firstly, I LOVE the cover for this book.  Simple, elegant and to the point.  Secondly, this book has witches, islands and a tattooed boy, what's not to like?  I think it sounds like a refreshing YA novel and one that I would certainly like to read. 

Salt & Storm is published on 23rd September, 2014 with no news at present of a UK release.  To find out more about Kendall Kulper and her books, please click here to visit her website.