Saturday 29 June 2013

Letterbox Love (#58)

As always, Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that I'm hosting on the blog and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it. Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers. Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about. Letterbox Love is intended to showcase upcoming books and build up some excitement for them as well as let you know what is available out there. It is not about competing with other bloggers or boasting of any kind (c'mon, we're British and we don't do drama!)

Review Books

The Oathbreaker's Shadow by Amy McCulloch (Finished Copy)
I confess that I read this recently and so my review will be going up soon.  I loved the book and I'm so glad to have a shiny hardback which is the finished copy in my hands.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May
This is a strange one for me in that I really want to read it but I usually stay away from stories containing fae.  I'm going to try and put that aside though as like I say, I'm immensely curious about this debut novel, which comes out in September.

Scissors, Sisters & Manic Panics by Ellie Phillips (Unsolicited)
I really don't think this is my kind of book and so I'm going to donate this one to the local library.

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
 I LOVED Throne of Glass and I love this author so naturally I'm very excited about reading the sequel.  Sadly, the netgalley version wasn't formatted correctly making it practically impossible to read which is where paper ARC's still come in handy!

Thank You Publishers!!!!

Books Bought

The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton
I've had this on pre order for forever - the idea of Norse Mythology weaved into this story has me itching to read it.


Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski (Bought)
I really enjoyed The Edge of Always, so much so that I thought I would give her next book a try whilst I wait for the sequel to the afforementioned.  It certainly sounds interesting and it's on offer at the moment.

Fixed on You by Laurelin Page (Bought) 
If it's good enough for author Emma Hart, it's good enough for me and I'm sure to like it.  I do like the sound of it!

The Witch's Curse, and The Warrior's Code by David James (Bought)
These are novella's from the series which I haven't started yet but they were going cheap and I just decided I may as well add them to the collection. 

Smitten by Lacey Weatherford (Bought)
This is the sequel to Crush which I thought was one of the best books to come from Lacey.  I'm definitely intrigued by what direction the story will go in as Crush could have easily been a standalone book. 

Wanted by Amanda Lance (Free)
I'm fascinated by Stockholm Syndrome and this book sort of incorporates that theme into the story.

The Returned by Jason Mott (Netgalley - For Review)
Not to be confused with the Channel Four series The Returned (French drama with English subtitles), this is a COMPLETELY different story and I've only just realised that LOL.  I keep hearing about this book which was apparently THE book to get at BEA this year and it will be a TV series in the future (hence my initial confusion).  

The Silver Chain by Primula Bond (Netgalley - For Review)
This was a read it now galley and I liked the fact that it was set in London.  I've not seen a lot of good reviews for this one though which makes me nervous but I'll give it a go. 

The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle (Netgalley - For Review)
This is a contemporary that was loved by an author I admire and so I knew I had to read it.

The Truth about Letting Go by Leigh T. Moore (Netgalley - For Review)
This is a companion novel to The Truth about Faking and another contemporary romance novel. 

I think I've been fairly restrained this week as far as the eBooks go and I only bought one physical book.  I'm having to think really hard nowadays about what books to buy as times are tough financially and the book shelf space is limited to practically nothing left.  I don't know about you but these days, a book has to really work to get me interested and I'm getting a little tired of all the indie books about two damaged characters who come together.  I feel that trope has been done to death now and I'm actively trying to stay away from those kind of books.  No offence to the authors, I love indie books but enough is enough.  I just finished reading an interesting little book called The Rose Throne by Mette Ivie Harrison and I'm about to start The Bone Season which has been calling to me since it came through the letterbox.  What's next on YOUR TBR pile?  I hope you all had a great week for books and as always, please share your links below.


  1. Ahh! I'm very jealous that you have The Falconer, I really want to read that one :) Oh well, I suppose there's just a couple of months to wait.
    The Oathbreaker's Shadow looks good too, I'm looking forward to your review.

    My Letterbox Love post is here: The Book Bundle.


  2. It's taking all of my restraint to not read Crown of Midnight yet... I really hope I get accepted for The INfinite Moment of Us - it sounds so, so good!

  3. It looks like you've got some great books this week. I'm super jealous that you get to read Crown of Midnight early!! Hope you enjoy all your books.

  4. I want the Falconer so bad <3

    Enjoy all your books,
    Sam @ Falling Books

  5. I'm currently reading the Netgalley version of Crown of Midnight and yes, the formatting is bad and very difficult to read.