Wednesday 5 June 2013

Blog Hiatus

I'm going on holiday for a little while and so the blog won't be updated during that time, which means that there will be no Letterbox Love this week I'm afraid.  I'm really excited about seeing sights like the one in the picture and of course, having a rest from work and life in general.  When I get back, I've got lots to tell you - including all about my meeting with Jamie McGuire (author of Beautiful Disaster) whom I met for tea at the Ritz in London! :)  Have a good week!


  1. Hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!! :)
    When you get back, feel free to stop by my blog to enter my $100 Blogoversary Giveaway!

  3. Have a wonderful time & make sure you get some rest