Sunday 9 January 2011

Thank You Secret Santa

For Christmas 2010, I took part in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap along with a lot of other international bloggers. We came together to swap gifts as part of a secret santa exchange. I got my parcel before Christmas and I was so excited! Initially I wanted to keep it a surprise so I would have more to open on Christmas Day but alas I couldn't help myself. I justified it by telling myself that I wouldn't want to order a book that was unknowingly sitting before me. So I admit, I peeked. Then I wrapped the corner back up and put it under the tree! LOL

Look how beautiful the package looked:

My secret santa was very good to me and bought me a book from my wish list and it was this:

So I want to say a big thank you to the organisers of the Book Blogger Holiday Swap and also to my Secret Santa. I had a lot of fun with the giving part of this and so I'm looking forward to participating in it again next year :) If you're interested in taking part yourself, bookmark the following site for this coming Christmas


  1. Wow awesome book. Lovely Secret Santa - I really enjoyed taking part this year and will definately being doing it again :D

  2. That was such a good book! It came in at #12 on's Top 100 Editor's picks of 2010, too. Kind of shocking, since Amazon has been going out of its way to remove gay-themed books from its stores. :)

  3. This sounds fantastic!
    I love the badge too, it's so cute :)
    Enjoy you're lovely book

  4. Em - I really enjoyed it too!

    Adam - Glad you liked it and I'm surprised to hear it was #12 on the Top 100 Editor's picks for 2010.

    Ria - Thank you!