Tuesday 8 June 2010

Sisters Red Review

I’d been especially excited to read Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce for various reasons. Firstly, I knew it was about wolves and I definitely call myself a wolf girl. I knew it was being officially released in the US on 7th June which is my birthday (thus automatically making it special and red is my favourite colour). Also, I love Jackson’s VLOGs but had never actually read any of her books so I was excited to see how her personality would translate into the written word.

I actually received an ARC of this but I also bought a US copy as I’m currently on vacation. I love the cover art and have only just seen the UK copy which is all shiny (I wish I’d held out for the UK copy now as I love shiny things) but no matter, at least I got to read the book and I really enjoyed it!

Sisters Red has three main characters – sisters Scarlett and Rosie March and their childhood friend Silas. Scarlett and Rosie take turns in being the protagonist. As children, they were introduced to the dangerous and terrifying world of monsters when werewolves attacked their family. Following the attack, Scarlett and Rosie are driven to hunt werewolves and destroy them before they can kill and devour any more innocents. The rest of the world is of course blissfully unaware unless they have had the misfortune to witness any attacks and survive. Silas is also in on the secret and on returning from his sabbatical, he rejoins the hunt. Only this time, something has changed and he sees one of the sisters in a whole new light. Something big is happening in the world of the werewolves and the three of them have to piece together what’s going on and then find a way to stop it. Little do they know how much they will have to sacrifice to find out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was pleasantly surprised how drawn into the novel I was considering there were really only three main characters. I had often wondered about the title of the book but before completing the first chapter, I realised why the book is called Sisters Red. Firstly, it’s about two sisters and their names are SCARLETT and ROSIE (both derivatives of the colour red). Secondly and more importantly, they wear red capes and hunt werewolves so it’s all a bit reminisce of the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood only this time there are three” Little Red’s” and they are badass!

There are a lot of books out there at the moment where wolves are usually hot boys who don’t mean any harm but can’t help transforming into a wolf at any given moment. This is not one of those stories. Jackson has turned this idea on its head and brings us back to a time when werewolves were monsters. They’re still hot though but any relationship with them is not going to last very long or indeed favourably – well not for the human anyway.

I really enjoyed the sweet blossoming romance within the book and I thought the complicated relationship between the three main characters was compelling and very interesting to analyse. Overall, a big thumbs up from me and another male hero to swoon over. I’d love to see more from these characters and that’s one of the questions I’ll be asking Jackson when I interview her in the next few days.

Visit Jackson on her website here. She is also active on facebook and twitter. Jackson is the author of another book entitled “As You Wish” and is currently working on a novel called Sweetly which is due out next year.


  1. I think I have another one to add to my list. Love the review, Lynsey!

  2. ***Sighs*** Yet another one I have to add to my list. Sounds great! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. You've made me really glad I just ordered the shiny UK edition! Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  4. This is one I am excited to read :)

  5. Great review. I want to rush out and buy this right now! Although I may restrain myself till I am in the UK this summer and get that version, it si very pretty

  6. What a fab review! I didn't realise you were a wolf girl. I thought you were a ghost girl LOL
    Everyone seems to love this book!

  7. Thanks everyone, definitely put this one on the to be read list. Becky - I am definitely a wolf girl although I do love a good ghost story *grin*