Monday 28 June 2010

Impossible Review

Recently, I signed up to participate in an ARC tour for Impossible, a New York Times bestseller by Nancy Werlin. I had not heard of either the author or the book before but I liked the premise of the story and thought I would give it a go. I have to say that overall I enjoyed reading it.

Impossible is a book about a curse that affects the daughters of a family. Lucinda is 17 and lives with her adopted parents as her own mother went mad shortly after having Lucinda at 18. Her mother left her information about the curse that was lost until recently – Lucinda finds out everything and it’s a race against time to complete the impossible tasks in order to save both herself and her unborn child.

I read recently that Impossible was inspired by the ballad “Scarborough Fair” and this song features heavily throughout the book. You could say that it was the core theme as the impossible tasks are part of the song. Lucinda has only 9 months to complete these tasks and the tension was certainly present throughout the book. I enjoyed the budding romance between Lucinda and Zach (which I saw coming a mile away but still enjoyed nonetheless) although I became frustrated with Lucinda’s attitude with him towards the end of the book. I realise though that she was dealing with A LOT of difficult things in such a short period of time and so I can’t blame her for being a bit confused and unsure.

There is a difficult and sensitive scene in the beginning of the book which I think was handled really well. It wasn’t graphic as it didn’t need to be and the reader understood what happened.

This is a standalone book (as far as I know) and overall, an enjoyable read. It’s made me want to check out Nancy’s other books including her recent one Extraordinary which is released in September, 2010. Impossible was released in 2008.

Nancy Werlin is the award winning author of several novels. She is active on facebook and you can visit her on her website here . Check out the book trailer below (featuring different cover art).


  1. Seems like a very interesting book, especially after viewing the trailer. I hadn't heard of the author before, either.

  2. I've had this one on my TBR pile, I've been wanting to get to it for the longest but haven't been able to. It sounds really good, thanks for the great review!

  3. I agree, I like the trailer too. Definitely worth a read :)