Wednesday 25 August 2010

Half Moon Cover Contest

The Crescent by Jordan Deen is an amazing book which I reviewed here. The sequel HALF MOON is coming out in 140 days and I'm so honoured to be part of the Half Moon cover reveal scavenger hunt!

Here are the details:

On 2nd September, 14 bloggers (including myself) will reveal the 'Half Moon' cover art. As an added bonus, we will all be posting an exclusive part of Chapter 2 of 'Half Moon'. You can read Chapter 1 by visiting Jordan's website here and clicking the Half Moon link to the left.

The contest is just like a scavenger hunt and you start and finish at Jordan's website here. Here are the rules:

1) You start and finish at Jordan's website. She will have a special post with all the bloggers hyperlinked in the order they need to be visited. I am first!!

2) You go to each bloggers website, check out their post and their portion of Chapter 2 of Half Moon. Within their section there will be one word that stands out from the others. Collect that word. You must follow each of the blogs and comment on each in order to be officially entered.

3) Once you have all your words, you return to Jordan's blog and post a comment of what you thought about Chapter 2 of 'Half Moon'. Then, send an email to: with the sentence that the words formed from the thirteen websites.

That's all! Once you have commented, followed everyone, and emailed Jordan - you are done. If you want extra entries- you can tweet this contest, add it to your blog roll, or share it on facebook. The contest will go from early morning on 2nd September and conclude at midnight on 9th September (just in time for Blogfest to begin!)

As for the prizes, one person will win all of the following:

Half Moon Swag

$25 B&N Gift Card


Jewelry Box

USB Camera/Video recorder

OMG that is a huge prize pack and I would so be entering if I wasn't part of it! So spread the word people! The contest starts on 2nd September and remember to check Jordan's website THAT MORNING to see the 'map'. Let the fun begin!

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  1. thanks for the contest i am super excited about the book