Tuesday 17 August 2010

Absolution Review

Anyone that knows me in the blogosphere knows that I am a HUGE fan of Jennifer Lauren’s books and so to say I was eager to read Absolution, the final book in the Heavenly series, is an understatement at best. I feel honoured to have read this before the publication date and guys, believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed. Before I go any further, if you have NOT yet read Heavenly and the most awesome sequel ever Penitence then...1. Where have you been? 2. You are SERIOUSLY missing out and 3. Go read them RIGHT. NOW!

I read this book in a day. I started it early afternoon, had to stop so I could go and have a social life (even though all I wanted to do was read the book) and then started again at midnight when I came home! I finished it at 4am. I was only supposed to read until 2am but then I kept making deals with myself – ok 2 30am, 3am and that’s final, oh alright 3 30am then suddenly it was 4am! Jennifer managed to do what Claudia Gray did in Hourglass which was to write something so compelling at the end of each chapter that just MADE me have to read on. When I finished reading the last book, Penitence, I predicted that there were going to be some major tears for this book and...I was right. Tears were STREAMING down my face and unfortunately I was still wearing mascara. NON WATERPROOF. When I caught a look at myself in the mirror I looked a complete mess! But it was sooooo worth it.

Absolution literally picks up where Penitence leaves off. Krissy is having a tough time at home after Brady’s funeral and finds solace in an unlikely hero. Luke is still battling his own demons and Britt is on the brink of destroying herself. Weston doesn’t know whether he can handle everything that’s going on with him and Zoe, especially now he knows her secret. And what will he do when he finds out about Matthias? Matthias is trying to stand back a little but is still there when Zoe is in dire need which is more and more frequent as Albert is intent on tearing Zoe’s family apart so that she will give into his desire for her soul. OH. MY. GOODNESS. people. The final book in the Heavenly series is definitely the darker of the three, there’s a lot of tension coming from all angles and Zoe is bang smack in the middle of everything.

I think I love each and every one of the characters in this series. Zoe has such a mature and distinctive voice, she’s definitely grown over the three books and I’ve enjoyed sharing the journey with her. Like Zoe, I’m IN LOVE with both Weston and Matthias, I mean how can a girl possibly choose between them?!?!? I also hold a special little place in my heart for Luke, possibly because I’ve always wanted a little brother and I want to save him from himself.

I like the fact that in this book, we find out a lot more about Krissy, even if her back story is less than ideal. And Chase remains one of my favourite minor characters. I love the fact that Zoe has never ditched their regular Starbucks outings just because she has a boyfriend, proving that just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch your friends.

Abria is a little sweetheart and has taught us a lot more about autism and what it’s like to live with a child who has the condition. It can he embarrassing, heartbreaking, tiring but also rewarding and a relationship full of love.

Overall, this was an excellent ending to one of the best series’ I’ve ever read and enjoyed. I was definitely sad for it to end and will miss Matthias more than I thought I would. I would love to see a spin off series or short story involving all the same characters. Ideally of course, another book would be good but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. I may just have to seek out or even write some fan fiction just so I can get my Matthias fix!

Whilst there is a sense of resolve to the story and absolution is definitely a fitting title, it is ever so slightly deceiving because not everything is absolute ;) If you don’t know what I’m going on about, you will understand when you’ve read the book. If I had a rating system, this would get five stars out of five and even more, if possible. Absolution is a compelling read that will take your breath away and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Released 1st October, 2010.

Whilst I’m on a roll, I want to say a special thank you to Jennifer for writing such an amazing series, your loyal readers are so appreciative of your work and your generosity towards book bloggers and readers with frequent contests and offers of help. I can’t wait to read your next book Overprotected and all the other books that come after that. Thanks for being an amazing writer and such a lovely lady.

OMG I love this trailer so much, it always makes me cry...

Jennifer Laurens has also written other novels such as Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands, Nailed and A Season of Eden. She has her own website which you can visit by clicking here and from there you can access the blog for Jennifer's musings and regular contests. Jennifer is also active on Twitter and facebook. As if that wasn't enough for you, Heavenly also has its own website which you can visit by clicking here to get more information about the book and its sequels. Jennifer's next book is called Overprotected and will be released next year.


  1. OMG I NEED this book NOW. I adore Mathias - hands off Lyndsey he is mine ;)
    Wonderful review and I love Jen too.

  2. Thank you for starting off the Absolution review party! x x x I knew if YOU loved it, I'd scored.

  3. Ohmygod!!! AMAZING REVIEW!!! I can not wait for this book!! And like you I'm in love with both Weston and Matthias! I love Luke too :) I can not wait to read this! Thank you :)

  4. You guys are going to love the book! Thank you for your comments :)

  5. Jennifer - WOW thank you, I'm honoured :D

  6. Oh my Im so jealous,,lol.. cant wait till otober 11th.. but great blog,!! I am so looking forward to reading Absolution !!! This series has defienlty touched alot of people and the characters are so easily loved. Thanks for the great review we can celebrate more when we have all read it and can chat about the book then . ;)

  7. Katrina, definitely lots more celebrations and chats about the book in order! Glad you liked the review, thanks for commenting :)

  8. I can't wait... i have a count down on my phone to notify me to buy the book as soon as it comes out lol... Jennifer Laurens is by far my favorite Author... I've read all her books and so far the Heavenly series and Falling for Romeo are my favorites... Your so lucky to have read it before the release date!! I envy you lol!!!