Saturday 10 July 2010

Personal Demons Cover Revealed

So you all know that a little while ago, Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers was my Waiting on Wednesday Post (see here). It's actually more like my "Waiting Every Day" because I'm so desperate to read it! The cover for the ARC is just beautiful and is one of the reasons I wanted to get hold of an ARC (besides the main reason which is to read it!). I recently saw a cover on AMAZON and asked Lisa if that was the final cover. Apparently it was not BUT we don't have to wait anymore as the final cover has just been revealed...

Here it is...

What do you guys think? I think it's lovely and the boys look HOT!!


  1. As I said, HOT cover! Let's wait everyday together :D

  2. No Problem Lisa :)

    Dwayne - counting down the days!!! I'm so desperate to read this book!