Thursday 8 July 2010

Fallen Review

I first became aware of Fallen by Lauren Kate a long time ago now. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover art and knowing that it had something to do with angels, I didn’t even need to think about buying it. And I’m ashamed to say that it’s been sitting on my shelves for some time. I picked it up for the first time the other day and I could not put it down.

So, ok it has something to do with angels but what is Fallen actually about? A mysterious fire. An unfortunate death. The persistent dark shadows that won’t leave her alone. Luce Price is smack in the middle of mysterious goings on and cannot explain any of it. Shipped off to reform school, there she meets the very alluring Daniel Grigori. He goes out of his way to ignore her but she can’t help feeling drawn to him. Enter Cam, another good looking guy who seems to pay WAY too much attention to Luce. Daniel and Cam don’t like each other but no one knows why. They’re both keeping secrets and Luce is desperate to find out why it all seems so familiar. Fallen is an epic, supernatural romance that will leave you breathless for more.

Fallen is written in the third person and I haven’t read a book written in this style for over a year now. It kind of threw me at first but I soon got used to it and it actually made a refreshing change. I have to say that the big mystery surrounding the plot really captivated me. I was over halfway through the book and I STILL didn’t really know what was going on. The story unfurls teasingly slow as little snippets of information are revealed bit by bit. I like the fact that the first hot guy we’re introduced to in Fallen is not the main love interest. Again, this was refreshing and not what I expected. I also didn’t expect to like Cam but I still find him charming even at the end of the book. Perhaps it’s the bad boy vibes he gives off ;)

Luce’s relationship with Daniel is complicated. I liked the fact that when she first meets him, he completely offends her in one of the worst possible ways. Although this is not a pleasant interaction, it’s definitely memorable! I did think at one point that Daniel is so hot and cold with her, why would she continue to bother with him? And then I considered the pull she feels towards him and the overwhelming sense of familiarity. I don’t think Luce could walk away even if she wanted to and she feels strongly that she needs to unravel all the mystery surrounding Daniel.

I have to say that I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve now bought myself the US hardback (you know I love hardbacks) and pre ordered the hardback of Torment. I do actually have an ARC of Torment which I will be reading soon but I already know it’s going to be great.

And if you’ve read the book and have been thinking about who you’d like to play the characters should it ever become a movie, your dream is one step closer to reality as Fallen has been optioned by Disney for film so it may just become a movie sometime in the future and I for one cannot wait!

Fallen was released in 2009 and the sequel Torment will officially be released in September, 2010. You can actually read a sneak peak of Torment by visiting the US site (see below for details) and clicking on the link. The third and final book in the series will be called Passion and there is no set release date for this yet but I expect it to be late 2011 at a guess.

Lauren Kate has her own website which you can visit by clicking here . She is also active on facebook and twitter. Fallen also has a UK website which you can access by clicking here and a US website which you can access by clicking here .


  1. Angels rock, don't they?! Except for when they use rude gestures. Then they need to be chastised LOL. So I love this book. I am so looking forward to read Torment. Loved your description of what the book is about.

  2. Awww, thank you Becky! I'm also looking forward to reading Torment ;)