Sunday 11 July 2010

Perfect Chemistry Review

“You know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico enjoys”
(Lady Gaga)

Did Lady Gaga write the lyrics to her new single Alejandro after being inspired by reading Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles? I guess we’ll never know for sure but a part of me hopes that it’s true! I’ve heard so much about this book over the past six months and how everyone seems to love it that I couldn’t resist reading it any longer. I actually found a signed hardback copy in Andersons bookshop, Illinois and snapped it up (this is before I’d even read it). That’s faith people! So now I’ve read it, you’re dying to know what I think, right? Well, it was SIZZLING hot and I loved it!

Perfect Chemistry is about what happens when the ultimate bad boy from the wrong side of town and mixed up in gang warfare is partnered up in Chemistry class with Brittany, a rich, white girl from the right side of town. They HATE each other but is there something bubbling underneath the surface and even if there was, how could they exist as a couple in each other’s worlds?

Perfect Chemistry immediately reminded me of a modern version of West Side Story (based on Romeo and Juliet) which by the way isn’t a bad thing. But if you liked those stories, then you’re going to love this book. The two main characters are Alex (Alejandro) and Brittany and one of the things I enjoyed about the book is that whilst they are seemingly polar opposites on the outside, they were alike in a lot of ways when you peeled back the layers. I also particularly loved the fact that the two main characters are both strong in personality and voice. Sometimes in books, one character is clearly stronger than the other but in this case, I thought Alex and Brittany were equally matched.

A lot of YA fiction doesn’t address sexual issues and some books don’t include swearing. I’m totally ok with that but sometimes; I feel it can be justified. And I think both of these things make this book more realistic. In fact, the only thing that really bothered me is that Alex never says “I love you” but then I realised that he’s already said it through his actions.

Whilst you might think that the plot it somewhat predictable (and yes ok, I admit that you can see what’s going to happen early on) it didn’t take away any of the enjoyment of reading the book for me. Overall, I highly recommend this book and I would even go so far as to say that this book will appeal to boys too. Just make sure you all fan yourself often as it gets HOT HOT HOT. I’d definitely like my own Alex ;)

Perfect Chemistry is available in Hardback and paperback. It was published in January 2008. The sequel entitled Rules of Attraction was published in April, 2010. I believe only the hardback is available at this time.

Simone Elkeles is active on facebook and twitter. Find out more about Simone as well as signing up for her newsletter, joining the discussion zone and watching the book trailers to your heart’s content by visiting her website. Click here to access it. There is also a website for Perfect Chemistry which you can explore by clicking here .

I’m including the book trailer for Perfect Chemistry but please bear in mind that it is “tongue in cheek”.

As a special treat, here is the book trailer for Rules of Attraction (which I LOVE)


  1. Hahaha,I thought that of Gaga's Alejandro,too :)
    Perfect Chemistry is amazing, I loved it!

  2. Oh what can I say? I love Alex. Yes I do. Yes I do. I love his Mexican badassness, his sharp witty tongue, everything. God, I'm obsessed!

  3. Alex - man of my fantasies.

  4. Omg this is probably my favorite YA contemporary book. Ever. And I was wondering if anyone else thought about Lady GaGa's song, too. That's the first thing I thought of when I started reading the book.

    I was a little disappointed with RULES OF ATTRACTION, but I can't wait to read the next one. Luis was my favorite brother, so it better be good. lol

  5. I loved Perfect Chemistry so much! I need to start Rules of Attraction.

  6. I really liked this one too, and can't wait to read Rules of Attraction. Too funny with the connection to Lady Gaga :)

  7. I'm glad everyone else seemed to like this book. I haven't read Rules of Attraction yet but the book trailer looks awesome!! :)

  8. Loved your review and is quite upset that Alex didn't tell Brittany that he loved her either, even though he repeatedly showed her through actions instead of words :)