Thursday 12 September 2013

Victoria Schwab is a genius (sort of)

You all know Victoria Schwab, right? Author of The Near Witch, The Archived, and her upcoming novel Vicious.  Victoria is a prolific writer/blogger/vlogger and she recently shared one of her productivity secrets AKA the best writing trick she knows, which should interest the writers and aspiring authors out there.  Victoria uses a calendar to chart her writing progress but it also serves to motivate her into achieving goals.  I think this idea could be taken a step further and used for ANYTHING that you need motivation and accountability for such as weight loss, fitness charting, and basically any activity where you need to set manageable goals. It's such a simple yet effective idea and let me tell you something, I've been out today to buy my very own star stickers *grin*

Victoria's original post is here

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