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Throne of Glass Ambassador Post: The Assassin and the Princess (A Throne of Glass Novella) Part 8

I am a HUGE fan of Sarah J. Maas and and her books - Throne of glass, and Crown of Midnight, as well as all the digital novellas associated with the series.  With that in mind, I am proud to call myself an ambassador for the books and present to you today an EXCLUSIVE scene from The Assassin and the Princess, a Throne of Glass novella written especially for this blog tour.

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The clock was striking four by the time they’d decided on the gowns, jewelry, and accessories Nehemia would purchase. Marta had long since brought out steaming cups of tea to Nehemia’s guards outside. She’d come back looking a little pale-faced and shaken, but at least the teacups had been empty. Nehemia’s guards weren’t a chatty sort—and were nothing short of lethal.
Nehemia was shoveling cookies down her throat as Celaena again strolled through the shop, taking in the dresses. She’d already ordered the lilac and lace gown, and since Kavill had her most recent measurements, she hadn’t bothered to try it on, save for holding it against her torso to make sure she really did love the color and fabric.
She paused in front of the red velvet dress in the display, running a finger down the skirts. There were no petticoats with this sort of dress, no corsets—she’d never seen a dress like it, actually. Never even heard of a gown like it, with the open back coated in midnight black lace, the plunging neckline, and form-hugging bodice. It left little to the imagination—and would surely turn heads.
“You should try it on,” Nehemia said in Eyllwe from behind her, finishing her praline cookie. “You’ve been ogling it all day.”
Celaena looked over her shoulder, brows high. “It’s…a bit daring. People would be scandalized.”
The princess grinned. “Who better to wear it then?”
Celaena found herself grinning as well. “Who indeed?”
Thus, five minutes later, Celaena found herself wearing the sample gown before the three angled mirrors of the shop, slowly turning in place.
Daring and scandalous were just the start of it.
Nehemia let out an appreciative whistle from where she was sprawled on the divan. “The Captain won’t know what to do with himself.”
Celaena shot her a glare over a shoulder. “He’s not my concern.” Though she could almost imagine Chaol’s face at the sight of the gown: tight-lipped, wide-eyed, a bit confounded and more than a bit angry. She could almost hear him, too, the claims he’d make about the King’s Champion spending such exorbitant sums on little more than scraps of cloth, the reputation she had to uphold now that she was employed by the king… Oh, she should buy the dress, if only to piss Chaol off.

 To be My Guilty Obsession tomorrow. 

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