Sunday 25 November 2012

Letterbox Love (#30)

As always, Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that I'm hosting on the blog and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it. Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers. Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about. Letterbox Love is intended to showcase upcoming books and build up some excitement for them as well as let you know what is available out there. It is not about competing with other bloggers or boasting of any kind (c'mon, we're British and we don't do drama!)

Review Books

Broken Illusions by Ellie James
This is the second book in this series and I'm hoping I have the first one on the shelves otherwise I'm not going to be able to read this.  I'm thinking a shelves sort out might be in order ;) 
Shadows by Paula Weston
This is a YA paranormal romance that has angels and demons in it and is set in Australia (the writer I believe is Australian).  I've seen some great reviews for this on Goodreads and I'm definitely intrigued to read it.

Skylark by Meagan Spooner
This is a dystopian book I've had my eye on for some time now and was disappointed that I was declined on Netgalley.  Now it's come over to the UK, I've got an ARC and I'm ready to dive in :)

Hidden by Marianne Curley
I'm sure I have a couple of books by this author on my shelves but I've not read them.  This is the start of a new series and features an angel girl who is stolen from her parents and hidden on earth. I'm definitely interested in reading this although the publication date is some way off yet.   
Thank you publishers!!!

Books Bought

Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I'm a huge Jennifer L. Armentrout fan and would basically read anything she wrote.  I love this series and although I've already read and reviewed the book, I wanted my own copy. 

Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
This was actually gifted to me by a fellow book blogger. I've heard some good things about this series and when I gave a book to someone recently, they offered me a swap and I chose this one.   I hate mass market paperbacks but I love the cover and I'm intrigued by the story.


Accidentally on Purpose by L.D. Davies (Bought)
I do love the idea of sexual tension amidst being snowed in with nowhere to go.  This was a recommendation from a friend.

The Vincent Boys (New and Uncensored) by Abbi Glines (Bought)
I read The Vincent Boys a month or so ago and LOVED IT and recently a NEW version has been released in the UK so I had to get this and it was only 99p.  I'm slightly annoyed at having to read it AGAIN but then again, I've also overjoyed that I get to experience some Beau love all over again ;) 

Writing Love (Screenwriting Tricks for Authors II) by Alexandra Sokoloff (Bought)
This is the second book in this series (I have the first one) and I wanted to get this to help with my writing.

I think I've been really restrained this week with my book buying this week and I'm glad as money is tight with Christmas coming up.  I am excited however to get my Secret Santa gifts together this weekend ;)  I hope you've all had a great week for books and as always, please leave your links.


  1. I really need to read The Vincent Boys - Twitter hasn't stopped talking about it all week...

    1. I've already read it but now this new version is out, I'm going to have to re-read!

  2. Great haul, Lynsey! I also received Shadows, Skylark and Hidden, and I bought The Vincent Boys eBook! SO looking forward to the latter, I've heard so many people rave about it! Happy reading!

    First Class Post.

    1. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next installment!

  3. What a lovely letterbox! I keep hearing great things about Jennifer Armentrout, so really need to read her. Hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    1. She is one of my favourite authors. Seriously.

  4. Lovely books to read :) I also received Hidden. I just happen to notice this meme, so this is my first time joining in, glad to see there's a UK one :)

    1. Welcome! I got that too and am excited to read it especially after hearing one of my friends raving about it!

  5. Skylark was really cool, so I hope you like it!

    Also, I have observed that you cannot turn down books that are only 99p.

    1. I love dystopian books so I'm sure I will ;) Saying that though, I'm sure I heard mixed reviews about that one. I can't turn down cheap books BUT only if I think I will like them.

  6. I cant wait to read The Vincent Boys after all the hype I am hearing about it… I bought it too :) I hope you enjoy all of these Lynsey! :)