Sunday 9 September 2012

Letterbox Love (#19)

As always, Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that I'm hosting on the blog and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it.  Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers.  Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about.  Letterbox Love is intended to showcase upcoming books and build up some excitement for them as well as let you know what is available out there.  It is not about competing with other bloggers or boasting of any kind (c'mon, we're British and we don't do drama!)

So, as you know I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and yes, I had an amazing time thank you :)  I got back to lots of red cards from Royal Mail so this is going to be an epic post, I'm just warning you now!

Review Books 

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
I really like the UK cover for this book although I think the US version just pips it at the post.  I love the idea of being in love with someone you've never met, someone in your head that everyone thinks is an imaginary friend (it's the romantic in me).  I can't believe I still haven't read a Sarah Rees Brennan book, even though I've met her and I know she's hilarious.  I must rectify this ASAP!

The Diviners by Libba Bray
I've heard a lot about this book and I have to say that I LOVE the cover and the fact that it's a hardback.  Initially, I had reservations about reading the book simply because I thought it might be a 1920's crime book but I'm hoping it's much, much more and I'm going to give it a go!

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George
I've seen some mixed reviews for this book but I think it looks and sounds interesting - AND it's set in Canada and usually the books I read are set in the US or England (with the occasional European destination) so it's something a little bit new for me.  I believe Elizabeth usually writes adult books so it will be interesting to see how her YA debut turns out.

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
This is the UK paperback version and although I read it ages ago, I have no idea what happened to my review so I think I'm going to have to rewrite it!  

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
This is the UK finished copy which is a hardback (LOVE) and although it's middle grade, it's Lauren Oliver so I'm sure I'll read this at some point. 

Entice by Jessica Shirvington
ARGH, I've been dying to read this since I finished Embrace so I'm thrilled to finally get my hands on it!! 

 Review Books

Scramasax by Kevin Crossley-Holland (unsolicited)
This is book two in the Viking Saga and unfortunately, I have not read the first one yet (Bracelet of Bones) and I'm not actually sure I was sent it to be honest.  

Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson (unsolicited)
This is an urban fantasy novel about a girl who is born the only female in an all male werewolf race which already sounds interesting although I think they see her more as a threat than anything else.   

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz (unsolicited)
Continuing on the wolfy theme, I just got Wolf Pact in the post.  I have no idea if this is a book in a series or book one in a new series or what as I've never read a book by this author.  

Summertime of the Dead by Gregory Hughes (unsolicited)
I don't know how I feel about this book which features the Japanese mafia.  I don't think it will be one of the first books I pick up to read.

 Books Bought

Defiance by C.J. Redwine (US HB)
 I've just finished reading this as one of two books I took with me on holiday and I really, really enjoyed it.  I love the cover and it has a nice effect close up. 

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers (US HB)
I read and reviewed this a while ago but I loved it so much that I decided to buy myself a US hardback.  The fact that I had to get it from America (as all the UK online sellers had sold out) says everything really.  If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favour and get it in any way possible you can (legally of course).

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto (US HB)
This is the third book in the series and I now have all three US hardbacks AND...I still haven't started the series.  I know my sister loves it though and as it's about angels, I'm sure to love it too. 

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (US HB)
Don't even get me started on how many versions of this book I have but since I came up with the title, it's only fitting. 

Origin by Jessica Khoury (US HB)
This is a debut novel and one that sounds highly original.  Actually, I think it sounds amazing and I'm hoping it lives up to the hype it's been getting across the pond.

Revived by Cat Patrick (US HB)
I remember wanting this for the longest time but I really don't like the UK covers (sorry).  I enjoyed Forgotten and I know I'm going to like this one :)

Books Bought

The Blood Keeper by Tessa Gratton (US HB)
I really enjoyed Blood Magic and I love Tessa's personality and passion so of course, I had to get the companion novel.

Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout (US HB)
I will read anything Jennifer writes.  The end.  

Every Day by David Levithan (US HB)
 I've heard some really good things from US bloggers about this book and I think it sounds amazing.  Every morning, the same person or soul wakes up in a different person's body and never knows who or where they will be.  That premise definitely piqued my interest!

The Blessed by Tonya Hurley
This is one of those rare books where I really don't like the US cover so I bought the UK paperback.  I haven't read it yet but I'm definitely going to. 

Books Bought 

I've always wanted to go to Rome and I got the chance recently as it was one of the stops on the cruise I've just been on so of course I had to buy some books! The book about Rome is fantastic because it includes a DVD and also overlays in the book so you can see what a particular monument looks like now AND what it used to look like.  I also had a chance to go to the Vatican (although it was a fleeting visit) and I was riveted by the history so I bought a book about it. 

E Books

No Dress Required by Cari Quinn (Bought)
I read a positive review of this and I thought it sounded good, besides it was only 77p :)

No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn (Bought)
This is the newest book from the Brazen imprint of Entangled Publishing (I love them) and so I had to get it, especially as I thoroughly enjoyed the last two releases. 

Insatiable by Cari Quinn (Bought)
I saw this on Amazon and whilst it's more expensive than most ebooks I buy, I thought it sounded really good so I had to get it.   It's an adult book about two friends who have grown up together and for the past few years, the guy has realised that what he feels for the girl is a little more than friendship.  When the girl plans a trip to see an ex boyfriend, it's time to put up or shut up haha.   

Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens (Free)
This is a great book that I've already read and reviewed on the blog but it was a free download so I thought I would get it for my kindle.

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Bought)
Whilst I've already got the paperback version, I also wanted a version for the kindle (don't ask).  It's worth it anyway. 

Spark by Brigid Kemmerer (Bought)
I love this series (I've recently read and reviewed this) so of course I had to get it.

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber (Netgalley)
I saw this in an e mail from Netgalley and I thought it sounded like a fun read.

So, yeah keep in mind that this is a couple of weeks worth of mail!  In case you're wondering what books I took on holiday with me, I ended up taking four paperbacks (as well as my kindle with tons on it) but I only had time to read two and they were Defiance by C.J. Redwine and Shadow and Bone (AKA The Gathering Dark) by Leigh Bardugo.  FABULOUS reads and highly recommended. This post is a little later than planned but I'm been cooking and cleaning all day (ah, the glamour of it all) and it's also taken ages to write! I hope you all got some great books this week and as always, please leave your links :)


  1. Wow! You got a ton of great books this week! I love the UK cover of The Diviners and I'm so jealous you have Wolf Pact. I love Melissa de la Cruz's books. Happy reading!

  2. I cannot wait to see what you think of Cursed I have it on my wish-list along with about a million others lol

    1. It's Jennifer so I'm sure I will love it. I can let you borrow it if you want?