Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Finding Sky UK Blog Tour

I am extremely delighted to welcome Joss Stirling, author of Finding Sky to the blog today. I really enjoyed this novel and one of the questions at the forefront of my mind was "would there be another book?". Thankfully, Joss has now answered this for me. Not only will there be another book, but Joss will take over my blog to explain her experiences of writing the second book, how it came about as well as *insert dramatic tension building music here* revealing the title!!! Over to Joss...

The phone call came as I sat in a hotel in Dover, about to get a ferry to go on holiday in late July.
"Hi, Joss, we've been discussing Finding Sky and would really like another one. Can you do it?"
"When for?"
"Well sort of as soon as possible, like it would be nice to have it yesterday but we'll give you until the beginning of 2011. What do you think?"
No author worth their salt will turn down a commission even if they had other commitments lined up. "Sure. No problem." Put down the phone. Aargh! In fact, the experience of writing the sequel is proving a very enjoyable one (working on chapter 11 today). The biggest decision was whether to write another Sky/Zed chapter or to move to one of Zed's brothers. I opted for the second as I felt it would manage both - you'd move on in story terms and you'd get to see how Sky and Zed are getting along a few months after the end of Finding Sky. I always fall a little in love with my heroes and Zed's super-intelligent brother, Yves, is proving very cute to spend imaginative time with. He seems all well behaved and sorted, but I am enjoying ruffling his feathers and pushing him out of his comfort zone to find the wild boy within. His partner, Phee, is the opposite - very mixed up and from an unstable background. They are having to travel a long way to meet in the middle.

I've also been reading the reviews (thanks, guys) and wondering how to make it even better than Finding Sky. 'More time on the kissing' was one comment so I am thinking how to up the boy/girl tension and passion to make it a book where you can feel the sparks fly between the main characters. So it is worth reviewing - authors do listen if they think you have a point!

Now, I really must get back to my book. I'm about to bring Zed and Sky in to the frame so I have to have a little quality imaginative time thinking where they have reached in their relationship. And I get paid for doing this??? What fun!

Thank you to Joss for letting us in on the good news and I'm really glad that future books will feature Zed's brothers as we still have so much to learn about them. The good thing is however, that we can still keep an eye on Sky and Zed at the same time, albeit through another's eyes. I highly recommend Finding Sky as an alternative YA Paranormal that does not contain vampires, werewolves or angels and if you're interested, you can read my review here.

Now, time for the reveal. The title to the second book is going to be...

Stealing Phoenix

And I can't wait to read it. There is no set release date as of yet but since Joss is currently working on the novel, I'd guess it was going to be in the latter half of 2011. To find out more about Joss and Finding Sky, you can visit her website here. Joss is also active on Twitter.

The next stop on the Finding Sky UK Blog Tour will be tomorrow at Rhiana-Reads. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Lynsey, I just wanted to share the news. I finally have an agent. :-)

  2. I'm so excited that there are going to be more books. Now Joss has decided to go down the path of writing about a different Benedict brother, I wonder if there'll be one from each of them?

    I finished and reviewed Finding Sky this last weekend and loved it. Oh and I thought the amount of 'loving' was actually just about right!

    Thanks for bringing this author interview to us Lynsey! I really enjoyed it