Monday, 18 October 2010

The Crossroads Blog Tour (Day 3)

Welcome to day 3 of The Crossroads Blog Tour and today I'm featuring Tonya Hurley, author of Ghostgirl (2008) and subsequent sequels Ghostgirl: Homecoming (2009) and Ghostgirl: Lovesick (2010).

The book trailer for your latest book Ghostgirl: Lovesick is AWESOME, it reminded me a bit of Beetlejuice. Who made it? How long did it take? And you wrote the song for it?

It was a labor of love. It took months and there wasn’t really a budget for it. Yes, I wrote the song and Polly Scattergood recorded it and made it her own. Thank you.

Are you writing anything else at the moment or have any ideas in the pipeline? Will they be paranormal in nature?

Always have ideas in the pipeline!

How did you come up with the idea for Ghostgirl and how many books are there in the series?

I started ghostgirl when I was writing for a TV show in LA. I was around the whole desperate fame thing and saw how everyone was trying to be seen. It got me to thinking about high school. How we all long to be seen for who we are. Right now there are three books in the series, but that won’t be the end of Charlotte Usher. Stay tuned!

About your writing style, are you a pantser or an outliner? What would your one bit of writing advice be?

I think you have to have an idea of what your story is before you write it. I don’t really outline so much, but I have a direction most certainly. I would probably save a lot of time with an outline, but I feel my characters more when I give them freedom to make choices and breathe on their own. You have to allow them to surprise you as you get to know them. My advice? Nothing bad ever happens to a writer – it’s all material.

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

I love everything about it. But, probably my favorite thing is staying up all night and watching old monster movie marathons on TV.

Favourite scary movie?


If you could be any supernatural creature, what would you be and why?

Even though they are probably the loneliest supernatural creatures, I would probably kick it old school ghost and go with a Banshee. Banshees come from Irish and Scottish folklore. Essentially, it is a female spirit who will emit out a long, wailing cry as a warning that someone is about to die in a particular household. They are ghosts and wear long white or grey dressed and have long hair.

Thank you to Tonya for a great interview. To find out more about Tonya and the Ghostgirl series, click here to visit her website. The Ghostgirl books also has its own website which you can access by clicking here. Check out the GoodReads descriptions for Ghostgirl here.

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  1. I've got to read these. That was a great trailer. I'm going to visit the website now.
    Thanks for the interview.


  2. I still need to read these too but I thought the trailer was so good!!