Monday 11 November 2013

UKYABB Secret Santa

It's THAT time of year again folks, the one where we all start talking about how excited we are that Christmas is coming!  The Coca Cola adverts have just started and John Lewis have recently shown us their Christmas ad, and every year they try to make us cry!  It's also the time that I open up the UK Young Adult Book Blogger Secret Santa or UKYABB Secret Santa for short.   Basically, if you are a UK book blogger who reads and review Young Adult books or even New Adult books, then you are eligible to sign up for the Secret Santa. I set it up for the first time last year in response to UKYA book bloggers who wanted their own version of the 'holiday swap' that takes place internationally every year.  I really enjoyed it last year and due to it's success, IT'S BACK!

If you want to sign up, you can do so here or if you're not sure or have questions, then please check out the FAQ page here.  I haven't given a specific deadline as such but it has to be soon so that we can all get ourselves organised.  I'm thinking I may have to close it at the end of the week so you have until Sunday 17th November to sign up.

Let's make Christmas 2013 another successful year and remember, it's a bit of fun and a chance to get to know other UK bloggers.  It may also be the only surprise gift you get under your tree this year and that makes it more exciting ;)

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  1. Wait, the coco-cola christmas adverts have already started???? How have I not seen them yet? :o