Monday 25 February 2013

Meet Month9Books

Have you heard of Month9Books?  They are an independent publisher who formed in 2011 and are based in the US.  They publish YA, MG and New Adult books - some of which you may have heard of recently such as A Shimmer of Angels by Lissa M. Basso and Two and Twenty Dark Tales, an anthology.

They may be a little fish swimming in a HUGE ocean, but I predict great things from this publisher.  Take a look at some of their upcoming releases and tell me you're not intrigued. I know I am!

To find out more about Month9Books, please click here to visit the website.


  1. theres a load more books added to my wishlist! haha, I hadn't heard of so many of these!

    1. I know, I hadn't either until I saw the video. I'm quite impressed actually!