Monday 31 December 2012

Letterbox Love (#34) The Bumper Christmas Edition

As always, Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that I'm hosting on the blog and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it. Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers. Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about. Letterbox Love is intended to showcase upcoming books and build up some excitement for them as well as let you know what is available out there. It is not about competing with other bloggers or boasting of any kind (c'mon, we're British and we don't do drama!)

Christmas has been a busy time for me and so I missed out Letterbox Love last week.  Apologies for that but I did have to make a trip to the emergency dentist (yuck) and then travel to Cornwall via Cardiff so I didn't really have time to write the post.  Anyway, that makes this edition of Letterbox Love a BUMPER edition and includes all my Christmas books. 

Review Books

Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan
This is the third and final book in the Immortal Beloved series which I'm ashamed to say, I have yet to start but I know my sister loves these books.  
Vortex by Julie Cross
I Loved Tempest (the first book in this series) and so I'm really looking forward to reading Vortex and finding out what happens next to Jackson.  You know I love time travel books ;) 

The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan
This is a debut novel and a coming of age story about first love and heartbreak.  What interests me the most is that the protagonist is an albino.

The Prey by Andrew Fukuda
 Oh my goodness, I loved The Hunt (the first book in this series) and what about that ending?!  That's why I'm pleased to have The Prey so I can find out what happens next!  The Hunt was full of tension and I expect The Prey to be more of the same although I've heard a friend say that it's even better than The Hunt.  Can't wait to dive in.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (Movie Edition)
I remember starting to read The Host a long time ago and never finishing the book.  I'm not entirely sure why, whether I lost interest or forgot about it but I need to give it another go before the movie comes out. 

The Reckoning by Alma Katsu
I already have a beautiful US hardback of this book which is the sequel to The Taker (an EPIC book).  I expect I will probably give this away at some point because of that.

Gates of Paradise by Melissa De La Cruz
I've no idea what number book this is in this particular series but it's one I've never read and probably have no intention in reading.  Again, this will be a giveaway at some point. 

Rift by Andrea Cremer
I actually already have a copy of this so again, another giveaway at some point.

Thank you publishers!!!

Books Bought

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Love the cover, love the title, love the concept.  I've heard great things about this book and I'm looking forward to reading it. 

The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
I love this series and really wanted a hardback copy of the books for my collection.  Need I say more?!

Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I'm a huge fan of Jennifer's and I'd read anything she wrote.  Although I've already read it, I bought this for my collection.


Immortal City by Scott Speer
Immortal City is one of those books that I've ummed and ahhed about buying and reading but now that it's been gifted to me by my lovely friend Jordan, I think the universe is trying to tell me to read it!

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst
This book claims to be an original YA vampire story and a satirical one at that.  I'm looking forward to finding out.  Thanks Jordan!  I've just realised that I've got all of Sarah's books on my shelves and I haven't read a single one.  This has to change in 2013.

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
This is a middle grade book and whilst I don't normally read middle grade, I've heard such great things about this book AND it's written by debut novelist Shannon Messenger - a writer I've followed on Twitter and her blog for a long time now (before she was even published).  I'm looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about ;)  Thank you to my Secret Santa for this book which I waited until Christmas day to open.  I plan on writing a separate post about this.
Sapphire Blue by Kersten Gier
This is the second book in the Ruby Red trilogy and whilst I haven't read the first book yet (I know, I know) all I can say is time travel FTW! Also, the covers are beautiful.  Thank you to my Secret Santa for this book :)


Who I kissed by Janet Gurtler (ARC)
This is a YA contemporary story about love, life and loss.  It does sound interesting and perhaps a bit of an issue book but I'm interested to give it a try. 

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate (ARC)
I've been wanting to read this for ages and I love the US cover so I'm happy to have won this.  This is a YA story about genetics and one that sounds VERY interesting.

Skinny by Donna Cooner (ARC)
This is a debut novel and one that really interests me as the protagonist is a teenage girl who weighs over three hundred pounds and yet the title is Skinny.  Definitely going to read this one.


Wake by Amanda Hocking
I actually already have this in paperback but it was only 99p and I think you can figure out by now that I love eBooks.

Fifty Sheds of Grey by C.T. Grey
I follow this account on Twitter and it never fails to make me laugh.  When I saw that the eBook was only 20p, I snapped it up. 

Fallen Crest High by Tijan
I've been umming and ahhing about this book for a while now but after seeing all the five star reviews, I finally caved and bought it.  The description reminds me a little of Cruel Intentions.

Mythology by Helen Boswell
This is a YA paranormal and a recommendation from FaceBook (I'm sure it was Brigid Kemmerer).  Anyway, I thought I would give it a go. 

Light of the Moon by David James
This was a recommendation from someone on FaceBook (it might have been Brigid Kemmerer).  Described as a book about true love and dark curses, COUNT ME IN.  Also, take a look at all the five star reviews on Amazon.

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
I've been meaning to read this for ages now and whilst I already have this in paperback, I couldn't resist the eBook when I saw it in the kindle sale.  I have a feeling that sale will be the death of me LOL.  

Slide by Jill Hathaway
Slide is another book that I've been meaning to read for a while and whilst I have the paperback, I saw the eBook on sale and bought it. 

The Ivy Lessons by J Lerman, S Quinn
Teacher + student = a forbidden romance. I suspect this might have a bit of naughtiness to it.

A Dark Grave (Elysium Chronicles 0.5) by J. A. Souders 
This is a short prequel to Renegade (a book I already have) and I just know I'm going to need this once I've read Renegade ;)

Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
I like the sound of this one - a girl whose reputation has gone downhill overnight and a hot bad boy who is probably more than willing to help her keep it that way lol.

A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
I think this is book two in the Thompson Sisters series and features characters from A Reason To Breathe (which I also have but have not read yet).  Another book with fantastic reviews and I can't resist a love story. 

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Great blurbs, great reviews and a personal recommendation from a friend, how could I not buy this?!

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
This is a YA contemporary and every now and then, I hear someone mention how much they loved it.  It was on offer when I bought it over Christmas (HOORAH) as it's not reverted back to full price. 

Crossing by Andrew Fukuda
This was Andrew Fukuda's first book, before The Hunt came along.  I really enjoyed The Hunt and so I'm curious about this one.  It was in the kindle sale and so I bought it. 

The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson
This was Amazon's Deal of the Day a little while ago and it was an extraordinarily good deal for all three books in the series. 

Rememberance/Vengeance/Timeless by Michelle Madow
I've been wanting to read this series for a long time and I think it was the announcement that it has been picked up by a publisher that has finally pushed me into getting them.  

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
This is a book I keep hearing about and everyone says it's an amazing read.  When I saw it in the kindle sale, I jumped on it. 

Dangerous Voices by Rae Carson
This is an original short story from the author of The Girl of Fire and Thorns and whilst I paid 77p for it, it is currently free on Amazon. 

The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles
This is a YA contemporary story about a bad boy and a girl who has never been kissed.  So what, I hear you say?  It was written by a seventeen year old girl and the next Wattpad sensation (after Abigail Gibbs).  I heard that it had been picked up by a major publisher and I'm quite clearly a glutton for punishment.  I'm curious is all if a seventeen year old can write believable characters and a good book.  Stay tuned. 

Grounding Quinn by Steph Campbell
I think this is a crossover novel and one that I know for sure has recently been picked up by a major publisher.  

The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton
I LOVED Wallbanger like woah and when I finished reading, I immediately bought all of Alice Clayton's books and this was one of them.  I'm looking forward to some sexy fun which is what her books are all about.

The Redhead Revealed by Alice Clayton
This is the sequel to the book above.

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons
Someone recommended this book to me as they thought I would like it and when I saw that it was only 99p, I decided to get it.

Fated by S.H. Kolee
I really enjoyed Love Left Behind (by the same author) and on the strength of that, I bought this one.  It's had some great reviews and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the next author to get snapped up by a major publisher.  
Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines
It's Abbi Glines, need I say more?!

Witch's Brew by Heidi R. Kling (Free)
For an indie book, I think Witch's Brew has one of the best covers.  I've been interested in reading this for a while but I couldn't access it on Coliloquy.  When I saw it was free on Amazon...CLICK.

Relatively Famous by Jessica Park (Free)
I'll be honest and say I'm not entirely sure I would have picked this one up if it hadn't been free but it's a Young Adult novel and I'll give it a go.

Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes (Free)
One of my friends said that this was one of her favourite books and it's certainly had some great reviews.  It was free so of course I was going to get it!

The Billionaire Vampire by Lacey Chambers (Free)
This is a paranormal short story and not one that I would ever buy with a title like that.  That being said, it was free.

Glitches by Marissa Meyer (Free)
This is a short prequel to Cinder - another book I have been meaning to read but haven't managed it yet.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got lots and lots of books!!!  In case you're wondering what I'm reading at the moment, I've picked up Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion as I am DESPERATE to see the movie and it's not out yet.  I'm the biggest NON zombie fan ever but this story is winning me over with it's originality.  Are you all keeping an eye on the 12 days of kindle sale? Lots of bargains to be had there!  As always, please leave your links below :)


  1. I really want to read Drink, Slay, Love as I loved Sarah's first book Ice.

    Enjoy your mounds of new books :)

  2. Great haul, Lynsey! I so want to read Eat, Slay, Love! It sounds so good!

    First Class Post.

  3. What a fabulous selection of books!
    Where did you find a hardback copy of The Vincent Brothers? *coverts*
    I recently read Bad Rep in one sitting, really enjoyed it!
    Happy reading.

  4. Great haul.

    Christmas is good for those book hauls.

    I've been doing a mix and match between deal books and higher priced books to bulk out my collection.

    Great to see that you're liking Warm Bodies. I enjoyed it.

  5. Lynsey what an amazing list of books! I'm excited for you LOL

    Just an advise, why don't you put up a Mr Linky for everyone to leave their link on?