Sunday 4 March 2012

Brodi Ashton on the Blog

So, you all know how much I enjoyed Everneath by Brodi Ashton that I reviewed here right? Well, today I'm very pleased to welcome Brodi to the blog to talk about something that's very dear to my heart and that is the romance in Everneath. Take it away Brodi...

Hi everyone! I'm so happy that EVERNEATH is out in the U.K., and I'm even happier to be a part of the blog today, to talk about the romance in EVERNEATH, because hands down it's one of the most common themes in the questions I get from readers.

The Romance:

It shouldn't be a surprise that the romance is front and center in EVERNEATH, but there are a few elements I wanted to incorporate to make Nikki and Jack's romance unique.

1. They are both human.

A lot of times in Paranormal Romance, the romance part refers to a human who falls for a paranormal creature, and the conflict comes from the differences in their species. Vampire falls for a human, and ACK! He wants to drain her! She's growing old! He can't control his animal instincts! She seems very squishy, because she's human!

In EVERNEATH, it was important for me that the romance was between two humans, with no real special abilities. The attraction they feel toward each other is epically strong, and yet has nothing to do with any sort of superpower, or ancient curse, or fate. I love reading about these stories as much as the next person, but in Everneath I wanted the romance to be organic, and something that any one of us could've experienced in high school.

2. They didn't fall in love at first sight.

Even though Jack is pretty sure he fell for Nikki when he was twelve years old and she nearly beheaded him with a baseball, he didn't do anything about it for years. They were the best of friends first, and it was a long time before either of them could admit there were deeper feelings there.

3. Neither of them is perfect.

They both have flaws. Lots and lots of gorgeous human flaws!! The beauty in life comes in the shades of gray, I think. And Nikki and Jack both have shades of gray.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

Thank you for being here Brodi. Everneath is out now and it comes highly recommended!


  1. Very nice post. :) I loved Everneath!

    1. Thanks for the comment Addie, I like this post too as it highlights some things I hadn't really considered like the human to human romance which is definitely rare in YA books these days!

  2. Interesting! I borrowed a copy of Everneath from my friend, and I'm going to read it soon. I'm glad that the lovers are both humans!!

    1. It makes a refreshing change, doesn't it? Hope you enjoy the book and thanks for your comment :)

  3. A human/human romance is something I haven't seen in awhile in the books I've read of late. Nice cover too!

  4. OMG I think I love this book more than Twilight - there I said it
    One word JACK <3