Thursday 24 February 2011

Goodbye Lisa RIP

Today I learnt that L.K. Madigan or Lisa as she was more affectionately known has passed away. She made a difficult announcement on her blog not that long ago now - a post that had me in tears at the time. She was preparing us for her passing and also saying goodbye. I didn't know Lisa all that well admitedly but we talked a couple of times. I remember talking to her about The Mermaids Mirror and how much I wanted to read it. She introduced me to NetGalley and personally made sure that I was accepted for a copy of the book. I later bought a HB copy.

So I want to thank Lisa for her kindness, for her inspiring blog posts and encouragement to aspiring authors. Her attitude towards life was both humbling and inspiring and I know she will be missed.

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  1. So sorry to hear this. How so sad. She sounded like a lovely person!