Monday 13 December 2010

British Books Challenge

The British Books Challenge is something that Becky over at The Bookette is hosting and this challenge is about supporting British writers by reading their books throughout 2011. I should stress that you don't have to *BE* British in order to participate in this challenge and the books can be old or new and any genre. They don't even have to be YA. As an added incentive, there will be prize packs up for grabs exclusively for challenge entrants. If you're interested in taking part, click here for more information.

I have to say that I wasn't going to sign up for this challenge as I tend to read a lot of US books but I've had a sudden change of heart. I've read quite a few books by UK authors recently (Finding Sky by Joss Stirling and Before I Die by Jenny Downham for example) and loved them. Let's also not forget that I am a UK blogger after all and I love the idea of supporting British writers so I'm in. I've got a few books lined up and I'll make sure I mention in the review if it is a British book. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge and I hope you'll join me in supporting British writing talent :)


  1. Hehe I feel the same! Figured it was about time I supported 'local' writers too so signed up. I wish reread could count though, would give me the excuse I need to spend a week rereading my fave series...

  2. You must read the Georgia Nicholson series!! They are sooo funny!!! "Absolutely fabbity-fab!" The first one is called "Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging".

  3. You should definitely read more books by Diana Wynne Jones. I *love* her. And she's so prolific and her work is so wildly diverse that even if you don't like one book you can still fall completely in love with another one.

  4. Hi Lynsey, I am finally catching up on my blogging. I have been in end of term hibernation this week but now it is the holidays. I am delightfully surprised that you've signed up. I always think of you as the American book girl so it will be FABULOUS to have you sharing some love for British books. Enjoy and best of luck x

  5. Thanks for your comments and recommendations guys :)

    Claire, we're the official US readers so I'm glad you're doing the challenge as well!

    Becky - Thanks hon and I've already started with Entangled YAY :)