Thursday 11 November 2010

Nanowrimo Update

So for those of you who are interested, Nanowrimo is going really well for me so far and just in case you missed my intial blog post about it, it's here. Of course, it helps that I had a week's annual leave at the beginning of November which certainly helped to ease the pressure. We're in the middle of week 2 now and as it stands right now, my wordcount is...

23,044 words

I'm just ahead of target and a little bit happy about this. OK, A LOT. I've never written this much for one story in my life and although it may be crap (let's be honest, it's a first draft) I'm still really proud of myself. So I'm almost halfway there and is it getting any easier? NOPE. In fact, it's getting harder as the plot is developing and I find myself losing track at times. I mean, I know ultimately where I want the story to go but the journey is just as important as the destination. I'm definitely more in awe of published authors than ever and writing really is hard work, but so worth it and I find myself HAVING to write rather than wanting to if that makes sense. One thing is for sure, there is no way in hell I'm giving up and this is what I'm learning:

* To quieten down my inner editor (she won't disappear completely it would seem)

* That writing approximately 2k words a day is definitely achieveable even if you are working a full time job and if you want it bad enough, you'll make time

* That everyone is right about how crappy first drafts are

* That I need to read a lot more books on the craft of writing and find methods that work for me

* I went into a coffeeshop the other day, armed with my netbook and learnt that I CAN write amongst the hustle and bustle of every day life. I felt like a real writer *grin*.

* That the network of support out there is just INCREDIBLE

* That chocolate is the answer to most problems.

So that's it, I'm still working away at it and I'm really hoping to be able to frame my winner's certificate and put it on my office wall. Also, I want that 50% off coupon for Scrivener LOL.

Are you participating in Nanowrimo? How's it going for you?


  1. Yeah! I think you are ahead of me in wordcount and I'm just revising, adding, and all that jazz! I agree with the advice I got from Stacey Kade- write that crappy first draft. Music also helps me power through and of course I always love to hear other people who are able to make their word goal and have full-time jobs. FIST PUMPS TO US.

  2. Congrats, all of your points agree exactly with what I have learnt from NaNo - especially about that pesky inner editor and crappy first drafts :)

    You're a couple of thousand ahead of me *I must work harder lol*

  3. wow :) That's a lot of words. Well done and keep it up! What happens to all these books people are writing in the NaNo? Are you going to try and get it published?

  4. Thanks Magan and do you know what? I'd forgotten about my playlist so thanks for the reminder! *fist pumps with you*

    LOL at Jesse, it's ON!

    Bookwork - Thank you!! I think a lot of people may try to get published but really nano is just the beginning. Then come the edits!

  5. So I saw that you tweeted this week that your story is heading in an unexpected direction. I thought I should drop by and say. Don't panic. Just go with it. If you think it is growing a little out of control, take a minute to think back to the beginning. You have a character. Your character has a goal. Is he or she still heading towards that goal? If yes, why are you reading this? get writing. If no, ok no worries. Maybe there needs to be a twist in the plot to get her /him going on the right track again.

    Do not hit delete. Just write: STUFF GOES HERE and start a new chapter sending them back in the right direction. A couple of days time the flow will be back and you'll be doing another happy nano post.

    All this advice courtesy of my writing course and from someone who has done it so knows it can be done. Keep going!!!! You can do it!

  6. Congrats awesome way to go. I think you have to just go where your story takes you. I'm so glad I didn't plan too much this year. That was part of my problem last year. Good luck and well done. x

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