Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: Across the Blogosphere Challenge!


Come on board and enter the ‘Across the Blogosphere’ challenge to celebrate the UK launch of Across the Universe by Beth Revis & WIN the chance to experience zero-gravity!

Across the Universe by Beth Revis is one of my favourite books EVER. It comes highly recommended by me, I loved it so much and reviewed it here. Also, Beth is kinda awesome ;)

So you want to win a zero gravity experience for you and a friend? Sounds cool right? Well, all you need to do is follow the blog schedule below and make a note of just ONE item that ONE of the bloggers would like to add to a time capsule of 2011. You will also need to make note of Beth Revis’ time capsule item, which will be uploaded to the Across the Universe UK Facebook page AT RANDOM during this week. Become a fan now, so you don’t miss out! Click here to become a fan.

So, that’s only TWO items in total- ONE from any of the blog sites listed and ONE from Beth Revis that you’ll find on facebook.


Monday 28th February: Wondrous Reads
Tuesday 1st March: onceuponabookcase
Wednesday 2nd March: So Little Time for Books
Thursday 3rd March (PUBLICATION DAY!): Narratively Speaking

THE PRIZE IS AIRKIX KIK-START vouchers for you and a friend to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving! (Manchester & Milton Keynes). Find out more here:

Enter here to WIN! And good luck! :)

So what did I decide to put in my time capsule? Well, I thought about what the people of the future might like to see (and that didn't work) so I thought about what I'd quite like to conserve for the future (and that didn't really work either) so I thought of a thought provoking article I read on the internet years ago about time travel. It was about someone who claimed that they had buried a letter (inside a time capsule) addressed to future time travellers inviting them to come and visit. If I remember correctly, I believe the writer claimed that this had indeed worked and whilst I'm a little more skeptical about it, I have to admit to loving the idea. It even inspired a short story that may one day turn into something a bit longer! Can you imagine if you did this and then immediately after burying it, future time travellers turned up as they knew where you'd be? It would BLOW MY MIND. So, that's my item. A letter addressed to future time travellers, inviting them to visit me (and don't frighten me to death, please!!)

You can visit Beth at her beautifully designed website here. She is also part of The League of Extraordinary Writers (debut YA Dystopian writers) and you can access the website here. Beth is active on Twitter and Across the Universe has its own fan page. To read the exciting first chapter, click here.


  1. Ooh I shall have a go at this in a mo. But first wanted to say a big WOW at your new look. I love it. It is gorgeous!

  2. And SQUEEE! You put in at the side of your blog. I must sort mine out as it is so out of date!