Monday 17 March 2014

Given Review


For Merrick and Rachael, Turtle Tear Island has become their own private paradise with days of unimaginable bliss and sizzling nights in the bedroom-and beyond. But Rachael and Merrick's happiness is shattered when his daughter, Nadia, suddenly becomes increasingly demanding of his time and devotion. It soon becomes clear that Merrick will have to make an agonizing choice: the woman whose love saved his tortured soul or the daughter he never knew existed . . .

Rachael can't stand the thought of losing Merrick after everything she's sacrificed to be with him. She had thought she and Merrick were done with secrets, that the passion that burned so brightly between them had forged an unbreakable connection, but she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man at all. Now the love they've fought so desperately to protect may not be enough to save them . . .

Given is the third and final (ish) book in this series which I absolutely adore. If you’ve not heard of these books before, bear in mind that these are adult novels with adult themes and must be read in order otherwise you will encounter spoilers and you won’t know what the hell is going on.  You can find my review for Taken here, No Take Backs here, Taken by Storm here and Take Me Back here.

If you’d have told me that by the end of this series I’d be metaphorically high-fiving Joan of all people, I’d call you a liar but that’s exactly what I was doing by the end.   I loved the fact that Kelli totally made me change my mind about her (okay, not completely as this is JOAN after all) but quite frankly, Nadia (Merrick’s daughter) makes Joan look like a saint.

Basically, Given centres around Merrick going after his daughter Nadia on some kind of misguided rescue mission.  Nadia is currently with her mother (who Merrick thought had been dead for twenty years) and his father, Enzo. Believing that Nadia can’t get away from them, Merrick follows them to Paris and brings Rachael along for the ride – especially after she insisted that he NOT shut her out, even if he wants to protect her.  What follows is a trip to Paris, some communication problems between Merrick and Rachael (no surprise there then) and basically Nadia is the biggest obstacle between them and continues to be for most of the book.  I’m not going to say anything more but I really enjoyed the story and the outcome.

Interestingly, you may recall that Rachael has always been the narrator in these books, writing in a second person POV.  However, in Given, we’re finally privy to the mind of Merrick Rocha as he and Rachael take turns narrating via alternating chapters.

Given is a must read for fans of the series, especially as Kelli drops the bombshell to end all bombshells in this book, something that was  hinted at in the last novella in a kind of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of way.  I will admit that it came to me within the first part of the book but I was still a little unsure until it was confirmed.  It’s the curse of the writer brain, I’m afraid.  That being said, my Goodness did I enjoy this book.  I love going back to the island and that’s one of the reasons that I think this series makes a PERFECT Summer read. 

For all the fans who are sad that this series is ending, I believe there is one more novella entitled Take This Man coming on 1st April, 2014 which should wrap things up quite nicely but don’t read the synopsis until you’ve finished reading Given. You have been warned!

I’ve enjoyed every minute of reading this series and want to thank Kelli Maine for writing it.  You want a sexy, Summer read? You’ve just found it but start with Taken and see if you can stop reading.  I’ll bet you can’t.

Given was published on 4th March, 2014.  To find out more about Kelli Maine and her books, click here to access her Goodreads page.

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