Sunday 11 July 2010

Forget You Review

I was recently in America and kept seeing Jennifer Echols books everywhere. I really wanted to pick up Endless Summer but it’s a big book and I was worried about the weight in my suitcase. You’ll be pleased to know that now I’m back in the UK, I have since ordered my very own copy online. Anyway, I recently heard about Jennifer Echols’ new release called “Forget You” and I thought it sounded interesting. I managed to get on an ARC tour for this (thank you Dwayne) and oh my goodness. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book.

Forget You centres around Zoey who is struggling following her mother’s suicide attempt and her father’s inability to BE a father. Zoey is involved in a car crash and does not remember the events leading up to it. Why is a guy that seems to hate her so much suddenly acting like something happened between them? And what does this mean?

I was totally blown away by this book; it was definitely a compelling read. I loved the fact that it was realistic and the sexual issues made it seem like a grown up YA book and that’s definitely something that is of interest to me. It did get quite hot and steamy at some points (without being too graphic, of course) so I’d recommend keeping a fan at hand to cool yourself off when reading!

The characters were well rounded and realistic. Zoey makes some...let’s say... interesting choices but then she is a teenager so I understand that.

I HIGHLY recommend that you add this to your TBR list IMMEDIATELY as you won’t regret it. I’ve now invested in all of Jennifer Echols’ books and will be reading them accordingly. I’m also looking forward to future novels and would love to see what she comes out with. It’s going to be hard to top this one!

Forget You is published on 20th July, 2010. I would love to see a book trailer for this but there isn’t one available at this time. Jennifer is active on Twitter and Facebook. Visit her website and access her blog by clicking here.


  1. Ooh not long and I will be able to buy this. Yay! Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds steamy!

  2. Doug - another man of my fantasies! LOL Glad you liked it :)

  3. Miss Lynsey were you in the States and Illinois without telling me???

  4. I really love Jennifer Echols as well. I have Endless Summer on my stack of books to read soon, and I cannot wait :)

  5. Clover, I do too and look forward to reading that one ;)

  6. Becky - OMG BUY IT NOW!

    Dwayne - Oh yes!

    Magan - I totally forgot you lived in Illinois. DAMN!

  7. I loved this book so so much!

  8. Me too Erica, I've had to get all of Jennifer's books now! Look out for future reviews! ;)